1st Electric Contractors: Lamar Station Crossing Multifamily Complex

1st Electric_14 Finished.jpg1st Electric Contractors was recognized for its work on the Lamar Station Crossing, a 4-story, 110-unit complex comprised of a mixture of market-rate and income-restricted housing. With units ranging from 530-square-foot live/work apartments, Lamar Station Crossing appeals to families, seniors, students, and young professionals.

1st Electric Contractors furnished and installed the completed design build fire alarm and fire rescue assistance system, along with a complete design build access control and security system. The security system includes security card access, key fob access, and telephone entry access. 1st Electric Contractors also provided a complete structured wiring communication system that consists of all residential telephones, data, and CATV systems.

Lamar Station Crossing boasts a number of environmentally conscious features that help to reduce the property residents' impact on the environment. The building's roof is covered almost entirely by a 78kW solar photovoltaic system that is expected to provide approximately 14 percent of the building's annual energy needs; the remaining power will be provided by wind energy credits. In addition, the units themselves were also designed with the intent of being environmentally conscious. All units are equipped with Energy Star washers, dryers, and dishwashers.

TConstruction 1 - Copy.jpghe 78kW photovoltaic solar panel system supplies 300 amps of 3 phase 208 volt energy into the house power distribution system. Over 84 miles of wire and cable were pulled throughout the building and just over 1,700 light fixtures were installed.

Over the course of the project, 1st Electric Contractors faced a number of challenges. Since the site was previously an impound lot for the City of Lakewood, Colorado, it was a contaminated site and environmental clean-up had to be done before construction could begin. This had an impact on the way underground conduit was installed. It was extremely important to be careful not to disturb the treated soil and if there was soil disruption, an EPA consultant was onsite to test the soil and ensure safety.

1st Electric also used a number of innovative technologies on this project including a lighting control system that incorporated daylight harvesting sensors to control the perimeter light fixtures that had sufficient daylight. Also, motion and occupancy sensors were installed throughout the building along with time clocks and photocells to control exterior lighting.