1st Electric Contractors: 2020 Lawrence Street Apartments

First_2020.gif1st Electric Contractors was recognized for its work on the 2020 Lawrence Street Apartments, an 11-story, 231 unit apartment complex centrally located in the up-and-coming Arapahoe Square District of Denver, Colorado.

The 2020 Lawrence Street Apartments are the newest LEED-gold certified multifamily residence in the downtown Denver area. The electrical service design includes a 2,400 amp 277/480 distribution system for the house power, mechanical equipment, and three future retail spaces. In addition, 1st Electric Contractors furnished and installed the complete design-build fire alarm and smoke control system, along with a complete design-build access control and security system. The building also featured a rooftop balcony with a fire pit, hot tub, and grill.

"A distinguishing feature that stood out was the 25 color LED light fixtures that wash the exterior of the building with programmable color changing effects," said Jay Schoenfelder, Project Manager, 1st Electric Contractors. "These unique LED lights can be programmed to change to any color for any time frequency."

1stElectric_Photo.pngChallenges that 1st Electric overcame during the project began with providing the computer-aided design layout of the post-tension concrete deck pours and ensuring all electrical work was embedded in the concrete exposed ceilings. 1st Electric Contractors also conquered the daunting task of installing more than 1,000 amps of power to the roof level and coordinating the controls and interlocks with the smoke evacuation system. Additionally, this project was built from property line to property line - without a lay down area - making it difficult to have material and equipment delivered with little or no storage area available.

From start to finish, Zocalo Community Development strived to provide a LEED green living experience for its 2020 Lawrence Street Apartment residents. All the lighting in the building is either LED or florescent. Occupancy-sensors control all lighting in the common areas of the complex. The building has other notable energy efficient features, such as high-performance water fixtures that save an average of 34 percent of all water used, recycling chutes on every floor, Denver's first multifamily address composting program, rooftop solar panels accounting for 10 percent of the power used, and a high-performance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. However, it is not only the finished product that produces a positive environmental impact. The average waste recycled on construction sites is about five percent; this project, however, achieved an impressive construction waste recycling effort of 85 percent.