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IEC chapters comprise a vibrant network of professional nonprofit membership organizations that share the IEC mission.


We work together to increase the workforce of our industry by utilizing the nationally recognized Four-Year IEC Apprenticeship Training program, providing leadership and professional learning opportunities for our members, and advocating for policies that support our businesses and bottom-line. Our 50 chapter network is a leading force in creating opportunity. 

Chapters are autonomous organizations, each with their own purpose and priorities, but they also are an extension of IEC’s mission and community. Our priority is to offer reciprocal, meaningful engagement opportunities between IEC and our chapter that results in advancing our mission locally and nationally.





IEC chapters are developed by those who wish to actively collaborate with IEC and other chapters on mission-driven initiatives, professional learning, and organizational growth endeavors. IEC chapters receive a robust menu of benefits and resources to grow their chapter and promote opportunity for electrical contractors, employers, and apprentices. Please see a list of those benefits below.



  • Access to 3,000 IEC Electrical Contractors (job referrals, workforce, permitting, inspections, best practice groups, etc.)
  • Network of 50 chapters whom collaborate on issues and benefits to raise the electrical profession in our communities
  • Leadership opportunities to collaborate and gain professional development by serving on IEC's Committees and Advisory Groups
  • Advance your credibility with IEC that enhances your organization's credibility and impact offers access to resources, trends and opportunities related
  • Change your industry through advocacy leadership and support, resources developed by and for chapters to improve U.S. state funding including research, access to information, and public policy plans 
  • Support and promote your events to IEC members and the IEC community
  • Recognition of your work through chapter highlights featured in IEC publications, meetings/events, and other communications



  • Improve your leadership: The Membership Summit is a full day and a half of professional learning for leaders from your chapter. Summit includes networking, training on association management, sharing best practices, announcements of IEC initiatives and collaboration opportunities, and guest speakers who talk about the issues you care about most
  • Learn to run your business: Monthly interactive webinars focused on association management best practices and how to grow your chapter
  • Participate in the Executive Director Council: A strategic and powerful group of all chapter executive directors. Meetings are face to face 3 times a year and by teleconference quarterly
  • Connect with new chapter leaders: Monthly meetings exclusively for leaders of chapters with an all-volunteer structure
  • Advance your practices: User-generated library of tools, resources, and best practices of chapter organizational needs
  • Access to the Executive Director Directory: Contacts and organizational information of all chapters within the network
  • Engage your community: A private and closed LinkedIn Group which includes discussion boards, resource library. member directory. and enables leaders to develop strong relationship within the chapter community and learn with and from each other



  • Recognition of leadership: Special access seating for chapters and their apprentices at keynote sessions and Amped Up session
  • Recognition of your contribution: Chapter Rewards and Recognition Program
  • Strengthen your brand: opportunity to participate in the conference co-marketing program
  • Engage with IEC content: link or republish articles from IEC Publications at no cost, including IEC's Insights, Electrical Matters, and IEC Extension
  • Promotion: Publicity to conference attendees of chapter activities at the IEC Conference and Expo



  • Nationally recognized Electrical Apprenticeship Curriculum (Access to Online Training and the American Council on Education)
  • Save money on our IEC's Discount Program which includes a 2% discount at The Home Depot, Verizon at 18% and many more as well as grant opportunities from the IEC Foundation and IEC Industry Partners
  • Engage with IEC content: link or republish articles from IEC Publications at no cost, including IEC's Insights, Electrical Matters, and IEC Extension
  • Recruit new members and apprentices through which provides hot leads to all chapters
  • Grow your chapter with designed brochures and materials and marketing leads through IEC's national partnership with Dun and Bradstreet
  • Stay up-to-date on Safety Resources with pocket guides for workers, 'Toolbox Talks,' and updated safety manuals



For a complete list of membership benefits for the IEC chapter and their electrical contractor members, please go to 





"I found being involved in my local chapter and at the National level has made the business person I am today. As a volunteer, you think you are serving to support IEC improve the electrical industry but, serving is the best education you can get as a business person. Volunteering & attending IEC events, you are around likeminded business owners, managers & contractors who share experiences, making it easy to learn what is best for your company and grow as a business person. IEC apprenticeship developed me into a professional electrician, but being involved with IEC has developed me as a business professional."  

~ Troy Corrigan, Corrigan Electric & IEC Membership Chair         





Working together, we're transforming learning and teaching in the electrical industry. Contact to join us and start an IEC Chapter in your area. 

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