Chapter Corner

IEC Celebrates National Safety Month

Safety is one of the core values of IEC. IEC encourages members to keep themselves, their employees, and their businesses healthy and safe.

IEC National, in partnership with our official safety partner CNA, will be celebrating National Safety Month by providing members with various resources focusing on workplace safety.

Safety Videos From CNA

CNA offers free videos on the CNA website on topics related to safety. Try searching under the Construction topic on the left side, but other topics may also apply, such as Driver & Transportation Safety. Many videos cost a fee to use but several are free, such as:

  • Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Safety as a Value in Operational Excellence
  • Driving in Todays World: Is Your Mind on the Road
  • CNA Mini-Modules - Fall Protection (Spanish)

CNA has also provided IEC with two safety-related audio PowerPoint presentations:

New Construction Worker Orientation CD

CNA has created a New Construction Worker Orientation CD to assist in the safety training of your employees. To order an Orientation CD for your company, please contact CNA Risk Control Director Tom McAtee at

Toolbox Talks in June 

Toolbox Talks are quick and easy trainings to comply with OSHA's safety requirements. They cover a wide range of topics in workplace electrical safety. The Toolbox Talks will be provided in English and Spanish.

Cell Phone Use Guide

Foreman Safety Responsibilities (Spanish Version)

GFCIs at Work and Home (Spanish Version)

Material Off the Floor: It’s an Efficiency Issue (Spanish Version)

Negligent Entrustment

Material Organization

Portable Ladder Safety (Spanish Version)

Power Tools Safety Tips

Strains and Sprains: What You Should Know 

Tips for Lifting and Moving Awkward Loads


Information on Updated or New OSHA Regulations

Below is information provided by IEC to assist in compliance with new or updated safety laws and regulations.

Job Safety Handbooks

IEC's Jobsite Safety Handbook is a pocket-sized handbook containing more than 100 pages of safety regulations and best practices. Written in English with Spanish translations, this handbook will assist supervisors trying to convey safety messages to their workers. To request a copy, please email Paul Dolenc