The National Electrical Code® (NEC®) is an industry standard covering the installation and removal of electrical conductors, equipment, and raceways installed in residential, commercial, and industrial occupancies. IEC member volunteers sit on each NEC® Code-Making Panel to represent IEC’s interests in all aspects of the electrical and systems industry.

To ensure all IEC members and apprentices are knowledgeable on the latest industry codes and standards, IEC incorporates the NEC® into its national curriculum and training program. In addition, IEC has a newly released 2020 NEC® code change book and a Comprehensive Guide to the NEC® for purchase. Please learn more about these publications below. 

IEC National provides the following NEC® code related training resources for apprentices, journeymen, foreman, and contractors:

A Comprehensive Guide to the 2017 NEC®
This photo-rich book authored by industry expert Ryan Jackson gives insight into the most relevant code articles and provides examples and commentary to uncomplicate the code. It can also be used as a resource for your apprentices and journeymen while on the job site.

  • This book is used in the second semester of IEC’s four-year apprentice program.
  • IEC chapters may use this text to compliment an NEC®-based course or journeyman test prep class.
  • Apprentices, contractor members, and IEC graduates can use it as a reference book.

A Complete Guide to the 2020 NEC® Changes
This photo-rich book authored by industry expert Ryan Jackson highlights the major code changes affecting electricians. The book includes hundreds of photos and illustrations and easy-to-understand analysis of the changes.

Stay ahead of the curve and order your copy of this 2020 NEC® code changes book today! An accompanying PowerPoint is also available for chapters to purchase on the bookstore.


To purchase IEC’s Electrical Code® (NEC®) books, contact your local IEC Chapter or visit the IEC Training Advantage Bookstore, which has a Guest option to order.

For more information or to schedule Ryan Jackson to conduct a face-to-face training at your chapter, please contact Chrissy Skudera, Director of Curriculum Development, at