Make an Impact. Become a Mentor

There are many ways to make an impact on the lives of others, but none as satisfying as becoming a mentor. Taking everything you’ve learned throughout your career – the successes, failures, and everything in between – and sharing those experiences with a person just starting their career is priceless.

Ever thought about becoming a mentor? IEC has the perfect opportunity for you through the new IEC Emerging Leaders program, launching in early 2021.

Mentors in the IEC Emerging Leaders program should be established IEC business leaders with a minimum of eight years of industry experience, connections, and relationships. Experience leading others and developing diverse teams is important, as is active engagement with IEC at an advanced level, and demonstrated community service experience.

To achieve a successful mentor/mentee relationship, mentors must commit to participating fully in the program as set forth in the program’s mentoring process. See below.

Sound like you? Why not give back to IEC and the electrical industry in 2021 through this inspiring program.

If this is an opportunity you would like to pursue, please take a quick survey letting us know of your interest. You’ll be asked to provide some biographical info, some details on your previous experiences with mentoring, and to submit your resume for review.

I Want to Mentor


Are you looking to help shape the next generation of leaders in the electrical industry?

The new Emerging Leader program is great place to start.  During this inaugural year, we will have the opportunity to really understand the program and shape our engagement for future participants.

Mentoring Process

  • The success of the mentoring relationship is tied to the quality of the match
  • Mentors and mentees will complete their profiles to facilitate matching
  • Introductory emails will be sent to mentors and mentees to announce their match
  • Mentor orientation will be held prior to the April 2021 program launch

Mentor/Mentee Touch Point Initiative

Part of the mentoring experience will include structured discussions to determine the mentee’s progress and needs, and to ensure the mentoring experience is a good one. These monthly meetings, conducted face-to-face, by video conference, or by telephone, will give the mentor needed insight on the following:

  • Determine how things are going for the mentee personally
  • Understand the mentee’s career needs
  • Understand what motivates the mentee
  • Help the mentee navigate any opportunities that ensure a good experience within the program and IEC

IEC will provide suggested touchpoint topics for each stage of the experience. These topics may be used to guide these monthly conversations.