New Member Madness!

It’s that time of year – everyone you meet seems to be caught up in the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament, and everyone has picked their favorite final four teams.

But the excitement isn’t limited to basketball fans – electricians can get in the spirit, too! 

Taking place March 1 – 31, 2020, the IEC March Madness Membership Campaign is your chapter’s chance to compete against the chapters in your region. The chapter with the highest number of new recruits by March 31 will receive a $1,500 grant courtesy of the IEC Foundation!

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Here’s How it Works

  • The award will be given to the chapter that adds the greatest number of new members (both contractor and associate members) in their region during the eligibility period.
  • Each grant must be used to improve the chapter’s training center or for recruitment efforts to increase chapter membership. The grant must be used within 30 days of receipt and a report is due to the Foundation within 60 days of receiving the grant funding.
  • Each report must include a narrative of how this purchase will improve the training center or help to increase chapter membership.
  •  All winning chapters must complete a W-9 form to receive the grant and be compliant with all requirements outstanding from any other IECF grants.
  • The award of this contest grant will in no way affect the chapter’s ability to apply for any additional IECF grants. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun!

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Contact IEC’s Membership department with any questions about the campaign: or call the IEC National Office at (703) 549-7351.