As an IEC member, you have access to special discounts, use of the IEC logo, and other tools to help grow your business. Also, you have various governance documents including the IEC National Bylaws and Manual of Procedures.

The Home Depot Incentive Program

The Home Depot has announced a new incentive program that is exclusive for IEC members. All who enroll in this program receive a two percent rebate on all qualifying pre-tax purchases. In addition to the rebate for customers, The Home Depot will donate a half of percent of all of the sales in this program to the IEC Foundation.

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To improve our nationally recognized brand, the IEC logos are provided below in both color and black and white, in vector and jpeg formats.

To download the logos, please right click on the links below and select Save Target As. Select where you would like to save the file and then click Save. Do not try to double click to open the file -- you will not be able to view it. Files may also be directly forwarded to your printers or graphic designers for use in developing your materials.

If you have any questions on how to use the logos, please review the IEC Logo Use Guidelines.

Right-click to the logo to save as a jpeg

Download the 4-Color IEC vector file here

Right-click to the logo to save as a jpeg

Download the B&W vector file here