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Level II

Price: $150.00*

Click here to download Level II Application* and Registration Forms**

*Price includes access to Level II's three-part course for up to one year after enrollment; a copy of Instructors and Their Jobs, 4th Ed.; one endorsement; a certificate; and a wallet card. Each additional endorsement is $30.

**The application must be completed and signed by the Chapter's Executive Director or Training Director prior to registering.

Level II is the second of three levels in IEC's Instructor Training and Certification Program. The instructor must have a year of teachingafter completing Level I before moving on to the Level II course. Level II provides instructors with hands-on training in developing and implementing a lesson plan, as well as constructive criticism from IEC teaching professionals. Completion of this program’s requirements is intended to meet instructor training requirements established by the Department of Labor. Level II is divided into three separate parts and all must be completed before becoming Level II certified. 

Part I: LMS Modules
Instructors will be asked to login to our Learning Management System (LMS), where each unit must be completed before moving on. Similar to Level I, a supplemental text will accompany this module.

  • Unit 1: Learning - Includes modules on teacher attitude, learning styles, and classroom management.
  • Unit 2: Labeling - Explores core objectives and influences on learning.
  • Unit 3: Lecturing - Discusses the role of the instructor, as well as various proven instructing techniques.
  • Unit 4: Leading - Includes modules on discussion groups, hands-on learning, and cognitive vs rote learning.
  • Unit 5: Leveling - Includes modules on evaluation and testing, and knowing how to interpret the results.

Part II: Video Submission
All instructors who complete Part I must also submit a short video teaching a learning objective (provided by IEC National) within the year/endorsement selected on their application. A subcommittee will review the video and use a standard rubric to assess the instruction. The purpose of this video submission is to provide the instructor an opportunity to practice some of the teaching techniques and concepts learned within Level II. All videos will be uploaded to a secure and private YouTube account.

Part III: Endorsement
Upon completion of the Level II modules on the LMS, an endorsement in one or more specific courses must be administered. The instructor’s endorsement(s) must be identified on the application in order to provide him or her with the correct written exam. The purpose of the exam is to test instructors’ knowledge in the area(s) in which they teach. This exam will be done online through our LMS system.

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