IEC Training Advantage

The IEC Instructor Training and Certification Program is tailored to provide technically qualified electricians and/or subject matter experts with the basic knowledge they need to succeed as apprenticeship instructors. These interactive online courses will include easily accessible targeted modules, an interactive user interface, and reading assignments from outside textbooks. Those who successfully complete the required training, provide evidence of required levels of field and classroom experience, and demonstrate competency in specified areas will be certified IEC Instructors. 

This program addresses the U.S. Department of Labor rule which requires instructors to be trained on how to teach adult learners through various styles and methods.

The three-level program is designed to maximize each instructors growth through building on skills taught in the previous lessons. All instructors must have at least a year of teaching between each level, providing an opportunity to implement the skills they've learned in each level. To beome an IEC apprenticeship instructor, training must be completed sequentially. 

The IEC Instructor Training and Certification Program is an exciting initiative, and represents IEC's continuing commitment to providing the highest quality training for all IEC apprentices.

*All applications must be completed and signed by the instructors chapter's Executive Director or Training Director prior to registering.

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"This training made me realize that I am not the only instructor that encounters difficulties in the classroom. It has given me more confidence with making decisions and instructing students with different levels of ability."
– Paul Miller, Instructor, IEC Rocky Mountain