What Is SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA is a youth program that is dedicated to making sure the U.S. has a skilled workforce. This program is aimed at high school and college students who are preparing for their careers in a trade or other skilled service occupations. Each year, those involved in SkillsUSA compete within their focus area.


Industry Motor Controls Competition

IEC has been involved with SkillsUSA for over 20 years and currently hosts the Industry Motor Controls competition. Our volunteers plan, produce, and judge all of the components for this competition. This competition consists of two full days of:

  • Written and math exam
  • Troubleshooting activity
  • Conduit bending (2 bends)
  • Ladder logic diagram
  • Interview and Resume review
  • Motor Control problem/project

IMG_1186.JPGAll of these components equal an overall total of 1,000 points. Once this competition is over, SkillsUSA announces and awards the top three winners in the secondary and post-secondary groups. Each year, about 45 individuals from around the country participate in this competition. Prizes and materials are also donated each year from many of our industry sponsors. Here is the official description of this competition, which appears on the National SkillsUSA page:

"Students demonstrate their knowledge of electrical principles, equipment, and industry codes and standards as it relates to the design and installation of motor control systems. Students demonstrate their skills and abilities in applying that knowledge by properly installing motor control equipment and associated enclosures, raceways, pilot devices, and circuitry in accordance with accepted industry practice and National Electric Code requirements."



IEC has many staff and volunteer members participate in SkillsUSA. Here are just a few key volunteers that helped IMG_7643.jpgrun the competition at SkillsUSA 2017:

  • Paul Dolenc - IEC National, Technical Committee Chairman
  • Raul Vasquez - IEC San Antonio, Technical Committee Co-Chair
  • Lowell Reith - Interstates Construction, Technical Committee Co- Chair
  • Joe Chandler - IEC Dallas, Technical Committee Member
  • James MacMurdo - (retired) Ideal Industries, Technical Committee Member
  • James Gresens - American Technical Publishers, Technical Committee Member
  • Dan Endris - IEC Southern Kentucky, Technical Committee Member
  • Michael Bean - Technical Committee Member

For more information on SkillsUSA, visit www.skillsusa.org.


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