4-H Logo.gif4-H is the nation’s largest youth development program and actively promotes science themes along with leadership and citizenship.

IEC has been working closely with 4H over the past several years. Members and chapters are encouraged to participate with their local 4-H by donating either supplies or their time. At the IECCon Expo, local 4-H’ers are invited to the expo floor, and learn about a career in the electrical industry.


How you can participate:

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  1. Offer to donate materials – 4-H works very hard to keep program costs to a minimum. Donations of materials could make the project more affordable for more youth.
  2. Teach 4-H volunteer leaders – Some of the higher level projects aren’t offered to 4-H’ers if they don’t have an adult with the technical knowledge to help.
  3. Show off your business – Allow 4-H’ers to tour your business, job shadow, or learn about what you do. Exposing young people to a career they may not know about will help draw new talent into our industry.
  4. Encourage excellence – Offer an award or premium for 4-H’ers who earn blue ribbons on levels two, three, or four electricity projects. It can be a savings bond, a small gift card, or a hand tool.
  5. Help with judging projects or teach a workshop – CM Squared, a Central Pennsylvania IEC member, did a Saturday workshop for pre-teens about color temperatures and different kinds of lights.
  6. Become a volunteer project leader – This will require you to go through a screening process. You will be working with youth and a criminal background and child abuse clearance are normal for new volunteers.

To get involved, find the 4-H Educator in your county. A simple internet search with your county, and the words “cooperative extension” should give you access to a directory. Then look for the person who has 4-H or youth development listed.

For more information, visit www.4-h.org