Jessica Rector’s mission is simple: Transform Lives.  
As the top female high performance expert, Jessica is the authority on tackling your inner game and turning it into outer success and positive action!
Before becoming one of the top motivational performance speakers, Jessica was a TV talk show host, an award winning #1 top sales performer at a Fortune 100 company, and a restaurant trainer. A #1 best-selling author, Jessica works with clients such as NBCUniversal, the Dallas Mavericks, and American Airlines, Jessica travels the world advising teams, leaders, and individuals to Tame Your Brain and UPlevel performance to improve communication, leadership, and burnout.   
Jessica had written eight books and is a contributor for The Huffington Post and has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, for creating change.  
When she is not traveling around the world speaking, she enjoys learning about the exciting world of Transformers so she can carry on "real" conversations with her five-year-old son, whose first book became a #1 best-seller and made him the youngest published author in the United States.