Brandon Schroeder was an active tradesman for 15 years before one day changed his perspective on safety forever. August 24, 2011 should have been listed as Brandon’s date of death, but it was instead his catalyst for change. Brandon was involved in an arc flash accident that shook a building over a block away from the accident site. He was lucky enough to survive, not without a fight, and chose to tell his story to thousands worldwide to affect change in how employees view safety. Listen to Brandon as he recounts the events of the tragic day that nearly took his life, outlays the contributing factors, and informs your employees regarding retrospective avoidance techniques. Brandon brings safety into real world application so your employees walk away with techniques on how to make safety a priority in their daily lives. Brandon discusses the “small decisions” which can be a change agent for the safety culture on the job site. He walks through how his decision during that one moment, of that one day, affected not only him, but every person on the job. He leaves the audience with a stronger understanding and respect for doing every job correctly and safely.