Take some time away from your day-to-day activities and discover all that IEC Expo & Convention has to offer. The interactive IEC Convention & Expo 2019 Project Management Program will help you spruce up existing skills and develop new ones.  

Over two days, Kirk Alter, who created and runs the popular IEC Project Management Institute at Purdue University, will teach you how to: 

  1. Utilize and develop tools that will IMPROVE profitability and productivity
  2. INCREASE customer satisfaction

Program Date & Time

Tuesday, October 1 &
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
8:00 am-5:00 pm
America’s Convention Center Complex

Program Cost

$700 per person

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Who should attend?

Project Managers, and those on track to becoming PMs...Project Engineers, Assistant PMs, Project Administrators, Field Supervisors moving to the inside, Estimators, Operations Managers and other supervisors of PMs.

Why should you attend?

All PMs are loaded with work, often to the extent where project management seems more like firefighting than management. We don’t need firefighters or PMs who function more like over-paid project administrators because they’re so busy “pushing paper and answering emails” that they lose focus on the goal…maximizing profit by maximizing field labor productivity.

In this 2-day program we will focus on both “Back to Basics” – mastering those basic “blocking and tackling” skills of project management…pre-construction planning, construction execution, managing change, scheduling, documentation, cash flow, negotiation, change orders, managing multiple projects effectively, controlling the customer, and effective project closeout; and on “Back to the Future” – learning how you must be adopting and utilizing technology to make you more effective as a PM, meet your customers’ needs and maximize your field production.

This 2-day program won’t be a cheerleading session, you’ll work hard and return to your firm with a long and comprehensive list of action items to immediately apply to improving both you and your firm’s performance and economic return.

Can you characterize this class for me?

  • Attendees will learn how to utilize and develop tools that will improve profitability and productivity as well as increase customer satisfaction.
  • This is an interactive course focused on application – you’re not going to “sit in a class for 16 hours”…you’re going to work hard!
  • Class specifically focuses on project management - using real examples and case studies.
  • Participants will obtain management tools that will positively impact their firm.

What do I need to bring?

Don’t come to class without a laptop, tablet or iPad…it’s impossible to be an effective Project Manager without the basic tools! You also will need to be able to access Dropbox for course materials.

Who’s teaching?

Kirk Alter, who created and runs the IEC Project Management Institute at Purdue University, will be your instructor and taskmaster. Kirk has spent his career in the industry…from apprentice to successful owner, who upon selling his firm embarked on a 2nd career as a university professor at Purdue. He spends 40 weeks a year teaching and consulting with MEP firms across the country, helping them to increase their bottom line. He has provided training in all 50 states, and in Canada, Europe, and Central and South America. He is a serial start-up guy who recently has bootstrapped several alternative energy systems companies in the Caribbean and Central America, and is a master in anticipating the future direction and trends of the construction industry…and he is an unrepentant capitalist who believes that we are in business to maximize profitability and all that that entails.