IEC’s New Worker program consists of 12 modules and is intended to prepare an apprentice for his or her first day on the jobsite. It is designed as a precursor—but it is not a prerequisite—to IEC’s four-year apprentice program.

Each module ranges from two to three hours in length and is focused on interactive learning. Module lessons include a short lecture accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, and group and hands-on activities. The program is delivered digitally via IEC’s Content Management System (CMS) and students will receive a completion certificate for each module.

IEC’s New Worker Modules* include:

  1. Orientation and Introduction into your Electrical Career
  2. Tool Safety 
  3. Hand Tools Identification and Usage 
  4. Material ID – Boxes and Enclosures Identification and Installation
  5. Safety – Ladder Safety, Lift Awareness, Fall Safety
  6. Devices Identification and Installation 
  7. Material Identification – Fittings and Conduit ID
  8. Material Identification – Fasteners, Supports and Fittings Identification
  9. Safety – PPE
  10. Power Tools Identification and Usage 
  11. Wire Prep, Identification and Installation 
  12. Measuring Tools
  13. Introduction to Conduit Bending

*Check with your local chapter for availability.

For more information, contact Chrissy Skudera, Director of Curriculum Development, at