National Codes & Standards & Safety Summit Speakers and Sessions

IEC National Codes & Standards - Safety Summit

Speakers and Sessions

Houston, Texas

August 15-17, 2022


Monday, August 15

NEC: Car Charging – Future Technology Advances, Installation Issues, and Load Management   

Speakers: Alan Manche, Square D, and Scott Picco, Underwriter’s Laboratories 

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 car chargers have been the norm but 1250V DC Megawatt charging stations are being considered. This topic has become very complex, not only for the homeowner but for condo associations, apartment complexes, and for retail establishments.  Where is the industry heading and what should contractors understand moving forward? 

NEC: Making The NEC Relevant For IEC and The Future Electrical Worker 

Speaker: Larry Ayer, BizCom 

Round table discussion concerning the changes made to the 2023 NEC and the future direction of the Code. This discussion will look to obtain ideas and suggestions to improve the NEC for tomorrow’s electrical workers. 

Tuesday, August 16

Opening Session - 2023 Code Changes and Future Industry Changes 

Speaker: Larry Ayer, BizCom 

The 2023 NEC is complete and will be issued on January 1, 2023.  The most significant code changes will be discussed along with where the industry might be heading.    While the NEC has been the model code for installing systems in the typical low-voltage space (50 to 600 volts),  more and more applications are requiring the electrical contractor to install systems well above and well below these voltage levels.   We will cover not only specific code changes but a future change of direction for the NEC in covering voltage levels outside the norm.   

NEC: The Interaction of UL, Listed Products and the Development of Standards Such as "Digital Electricity"

Speaker: Robert Osborne, Principal Engineer 

The interaction of UL, listed Products, and the Development of Standards.  This presentation will review the relationship between the NEC, Product Standards, Product Certification, and Enforcement.  A review of how UL Standards and the NEC are developed and discuss the new “Class 4 Fault-Managed Power System” integrated in the next NEC edition as Article 726. 

Safety: Auto Driver Safety/ Unpredictable Litigation  

Speaker: Stewart Van Duzer, Federated Insurance 

NEC: Renewable Energy/Energy Storage/PV  

Speaker: Scott Picco, UL 

This presentation will be an overview of NEC 2023 code changes related to renewable energy applications and safety trends of standards for the renewable energy industry. 

Safety: Prioritizing Innovation & Technology Investment 

Speaker: Justin Azbill, Milwaukee Tool 

Driving Safety Culture by Leveraging Technology.  A high-level overview of cutting-edge technology advancements of Innovations of Safety, highlighting how they align as a solution to help combat the current top 3 common industry risks that impact the electrical trade, and how these innovations are influencing the industry as safety solutions that are bridging the gap of incident prevention while building the safety culture mindset to Lead with Safety.

General Session - Safety: Construction Industry Suicide & the Implications for the Jobsite  

Speaker - Stuart Binstock, CFMA  

The incident rate of suicide in the construction industry is the highest of any industry, according to a recent CDC study, and the rate continues to increase. This session will cover the pressing need to understand suicide in the construction industry and bring prevention to the forefront of discussion. 

Safety: How Safety Effects the Bottom Line?  

Speakers: Jeff Wolfla, CRIS, CESCP , Boyd, Shackleford, Barnett & Dixon, LLC 

Successful owners and managers understand the importance of measuring return on investment (ROI) whenever they put money into new equipment, processes, and even employees. In fact, many won’t invest a dime unless they see solid proof that the ROI will assure a complete payback within a set period of time. The session will provide key steps to realizing the impacts on the bottom line. 

NEC: AFCI, GFCI, GFPE, and  other Technologies 

 Speaker: Tom Domitrovich 

These technologies have created significant costs for today’s electrical installation.   This segment will focus on the differences between these technologies and how can they be leveraged for not only worker safety but in a more effective and efficient manner.

General Session - Electric Shock Drowning 

Speaker: Keith Lofland 

Marina deaths have been at the forefront in our electrical industry.   This segment will review past code requirements and how new technologies and new updated code rules are looking to reduce the likelihood of future fatalities.  


Wednesday, August 17

Closing Session -Best Practice for an effective safety program (Panel)

Speakers: Phillip Russel (Ogletree) & Lee Barklow (WHE), Harvey Hammock (IES) (Moderator) 

NEC: Impact of Residential Code Changes 

Speaker: Tom Domitrovich 

There more electrical code requirements for single-family and multi-family dwellings when compared to commercial installations.   And these requirements have tended to impede the current adoption of the NEC.   We will cover the latest residential code changes and the importance of using the latest edition of the NEC. 

Safety: Most Frequently Cited and Incidents Seen at Electrical Subcontracting Work   

Speaker: James Shelton, Houston North OSHA Area Office 

Enforcement is up! And fines are much more intense. The most frequently cited Federal OSHA standard to electrical contractors are related to general wiring methods and unauthorized exposure to hazardous voltage. Learn about violations issued were related to electrical safe work practices and procedures (NFPA 70E). Any violation where exposure to hazardous voltage exists could be considered serious; a “serious” violation is issued where conditions are such that there is a substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result 

General Session - Lock-out Tag-out Challenges for Today’s Electrical Industry.   

Round Table discussion 

There are numerous ways to provide an energized work environment.  However, with a shortage of electrical workers and the continued need to recruit new hires, how should companies best implement lock-out tag-out programs. 

Safety: Accident Investigations 

Speakers: Pat Thomas, CSP, CHMM, CET, Thomas Loss Control Ent.  

This session will provide key techniques for properly gathering accurate data related to an accident, establishing the accident's root cause, reporting your findings, and corrective actions you can take to prevent an accident next time. 

Safety: Navigating Chapter 1 of 70E 

Speaker: Larry Ayer, BizCom 

NFPA 70E provides the industry standards necessary to protect today’s electrical workers. Most of the requirements are located in Chapter 1.  This segment will review this Chapter and will provide updates on the latest changes to the document, and will provide guidelines on what personal protective equipment should be worn and different locations within the electrical system.