The IEC Training Advantage is more than a program, it is a philosophy. Through the various training opportunities, led by the Four-Year Apprentice Curriculum, IEC teaches electricians not only know how to perform the work, but why the work is necessary.

The IEC Training Advantage includes the flagship program of IEC, the Four-Year Electrical Apprentice Curriculum, and other learning opportunities for those looking to begin their career as an electrician or those who have worked in the field for an extended period of time but now want formalized training. Also included in the Training Advantage are advanced courses for graduates of an apprentice program.

Education doesn't end after apprenticeship! See the many different IEC training opportunities that are available to advance your career.



Certified Professional Electrician (CPE)

Obtaining an IEC Certified Professional Electrician (CPE) designation demonstrates a professional has deep understanding and appreciation for the electrical industry. Graduates of the Four-Year IEC Apprentice Training Program or DOL journeymen who work for an IEC contractor are eligible to earn the distinction of being an IEC CPE. Individuals who hold this prestigious title will be highly sought after by numerous employers that are seeking skilled electricians.

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Electrical and Systems Training Series (ESTS)

The Electrical and Systems Training Series (ESTS) are courses designed for non-apprentice electricians. This highly popular program is a refresher course for experienced electricians. Topics within ESTS include: Motor Controls, Electrical Theory, Electrical Systems, Electrical Code, Blueprint, Electrical Learning, and Leadership, with more titles being developed in the future. Within these overarching areas, there will be various levels offered; for example, in Motor Controls there will be a 100- and a 200-level course offered. These are informative, stand-alone 40-hour courses, and an individual does not have to complete every ESTS course offering. However, prerequisites may be required for some ESTS courses in order to complete a module.

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Instructor Training & Certification Program

The Instructor Training Program is a media-rich experience that teaches IEC’s philosophy, apprenticeship, IEC curriculum resources, and instructional methods through video and interactive activities. Navigation will be made simple with an intuitive graphic interface to the five units and easily accessible targeted modules covering several topics.

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Professional Electricians Program (PEP)

The Professional Electricians Program, or PEP, is a reinvigorated IEC offering. With the development of the ESTS, PEP will consist of nine of the 15 proposed ESTS courses. PEP is an ideal choice for those who have an abundant amount of electrical experience but lack the formal in-class training. With PEP, IEC aims to provide an alternative path for those with electrical experience to gain the classroom knowledge without having to complete the entire Four-Year Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

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Project Management Institute

The IEC Project Management Institute is 80 hours of instruction in two non-concurrent 40-hour sessions with an interim period between classes for applied assignments and reporting. This intensive management education program is held at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana by Kirk Alter. Classes are in session from 8:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. with a welcoming dinner and reception on Tuesday evening and a closing graduation banquet at the end of the course. Class size is limited to provide an interactive experience and to allow the faculty to be fully available to the attendees.

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