Contest For Content

The goal of the IEC Contest for Content is to encourage IEC instructors to produce resource material in support of the association’s educational mission. 

Placed on the IEC Content Management System (CMS), the submitted content should be an explanation of an objective from the content portion of the Lesson at the Objective level. 

Submission Criteria

A minimum submission should include an explanatory video. Additional materials such as narrations, text, photos, illustrations, PowerPoint slides, animations, skills assessment rubrics, scenarios, and/or interactive resources will increase the overall score of the submission.


IEC will offer cash prizes to chapters and instructors whose content submittal is ranked in 1st through 4th place.

$1000Chapter - 1st place$4000Instructor - 1st place
$1000Chapter - 2nd place$2,500Instructor - 2nd place
$1000Chapter - 3rd place$1,500Instructor - 3rd place
$1000Chapter - 4th place$1000Instructor - 4th place
$875 Open to Instructors - 4 Raffle Winners        

 Dates and Rules

  • Submissions will be accepted March 8 – May 15, 2021
  • Judging of submissions will take place in May/June 2021
  • Award winners will be announced in June/July 2021


A committee consisting of an Industry Partner, Foundation Board member, A&T committee member, IEC Instructor, and an ATP production team member will judge the submissions.

The cumulative assessment of all judges will determine the contest winners. In the event of a tie score, the judges will meet to determine a winner, and the judges' determination will be final. Judging will commence at a face-to-face meeting held in May after submissions have been received. 

*IEC retains the right to use any/all submitted material in selected IEC CMS courses. All submissions that receive a minimum 50% score based on the judging rubric will be eligible for entry in the Wild Card Raffle. Each entry is eligible for only one award.  Chapters are eligible to receive more than one award.