The NEC is a major component in the daily operations of electrical contracting and affects those that are concerned with the proper and safe installation of electrical products and components of electrical systems.

In order to keep up with changes in the electrical industry such as Wind Turbines, Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage systems, the NEC is revised every three years. The revision process allows anyone to submit a "public inout" that may modify existing code text or add new content to the NEC.

The process to revise the 2020 NEC will be announced by NFPA in the second quarter of 2017. 

The IEC NEC committee members will meet in Houston, Texas, July 19-20 to consider IEC proposals to change the 2020 NEC.

If you would like to participate in the process, please click here to submit a change to the 2020 NEC. 

For more information, contact David Hittinger, IEC National's Director, Codes and Standards.