The IEC National Apprentice of the Year Competition places the top graduates from IEC chapter apprentice training programs across the country in head-to-head competition for prizes and recognition as the IEC National Apprentice of the Year.

During the competition, the apprentices were evaluated on many aspects of the material covered during their on-the-job and classroom training, including:

  1. A written exam to evaluated their knowledge of electrical theory, code, materials, and installation practices.
  2. Motor logic diagram based on a written description of a field application.
  3. Electrical distribution installation and control circuitry utilizing customer supplied materials, circuit descriptions, specifications, and control diagrams. Commonly known as a "wire-off," this portion of the competition will take place on the IECCon Expo show floor.
  4. Skills demonstration in bending electrical metallic tubing on the show floor.
  5. Troubleshooting skills by accurately diagnosing a fault in a common piece of electrical equipment on the show floor.

The competition was judged by teams of journeymen, contractors, inspectors, and others actively involved in electrical industry codes and standards, safety, and training.

2018 Apprentice of the Year Winners:
1st Place:

Mike Lempka
Good Electric Service
IEC Rocky Mountain

2nd Place

Grant Evans
King's Electric Services
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

3rd Place 

Nathan Devine
IEC San Antonio