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2017 Annual Award Winners

Receiving an IEC National Award is a tremendous achievement. Handed out every year at the Amped Up Luncheon and the Awards Gala at the IEC National Convention, these award winners represent those members and chapters who have made great strides within the electrical industry and the association.

These 2017 winners were announced at IECCon17, held October 25-28, in Phoenix, AZ.

2017 IEC National Award Winners

National Member of the Year:

Rodney Forry, Central Pennsylvania IEC

Industry Achievement Award:

DeRock Electric Company, LLC, Central Pennsylvania IEC

Apprenticeship Alumni Award:

Troy Corrigan, IEC of Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Chapters of the Year:

Midwest IEC (16 to 30 contractor members)
IEC San Antonio (31 to 60 contractor members)
IEC of Kentucky & Southern Indiana (61 to 90 contractor members)
IEC Atlanta (91+ contractor members)

Apprenticeship Chapter of the Year:

IEC Atlanta

Instructor of the Year:

James Wesley, IEC Atlanta

Legislative Chapter of the Year:

IEC Rocky Mountain (46+ contractor members)

Chapter Executive Director of the Year:

David Johnson, Centex IEC

Community Service Individual Award:

Steve Blazer, IEC Southern Colorado

Community Service Team Award:

Central Indiana IEC

Legacy Award:

Bobby Tutor, IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County

IEC Rising Star Award:

Ken Adams, IEC of Utah

Chapter SPARK Award:

Central Pennsylvania IEC

2017 IEC National Apprentice of the Year:

1st: Matt Doth, BizCom Electric, IEC of Greater Cincinnati
2nd: Hunter Bakel, JMEG, LP, IEC San Antonio
3rd: Kelly Sustaire, JMEG, LP, IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County

2017 Individual Contest Apprentice Winners:

Motor Control Problem: Hunter Bakel, JMEG, LP, IEC San Antonio

Written Exam: Gabriel DiGiacomo, Namaste Solar, IEC Rocky Mountain

Ladder Diagram: Hunter Bakel, JMEG, LP, IEC San Antonio

Conduit Bending: Vladimir Zhuk, AC&E Electric, IEC Oregon

Troubleshooting Activity: Vladimir Zhuk, AC&E Electric, IEC Oregon

Productivity Challenge: Matt Doth, BizCom Electric, IEC of Greater Cincinnati

IEC-CNA Safety Award

The IEC-CNA Safety Awards recognize electrical contracting companies that excel in establishing and maintaining safety programs that result in incident rates that are significantly below the average OSHA recordable incident rate. The judges look for commitment to safety from management, employee involvement, active participation, and controls over major exposure to loss.

The 2017 IEC-CNA Safety Awards were presented at IECCon17 to the following companies:

Collier Electric, New Britain, CT (1 to 25 employees)
Penco Electrical, Morrow, GA (51 to 125 employees)
IES Texas, San Antonio, TX (126 to 300 employees)
JMEG, LP, Farmer's Branch, TX (301+ employees) 

Excellence in Electrical Construction


Multi-family, mid-rise buildings above 3 stories

Mike Hagen Electric, Inc.
Kansas City Power & Light Building
Mike Hagen Electric_preview.jpeg

Contract amounts up to $500,000

VA Electric, Inc.
Grand Canyon Replace Roofing System and
HVAC at Indian Garden
VA Electric revised.jpg

Contract amounts from $500,001 to $1,500,000

Bergstrom Electric
UND Aerospace & UAS Research - Robin Hall

Bergstrom Electric.jpg

Contract amounts from $1,500,001 to $5,000,000

Penco Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Georgia State Football Stadium
Renovation - Phase 1


Contract amounts over $5,000,001

Raymond James Stadium 2016 Renovations 



Contract amounts to $1,500,000

Weifield Group Contracting
City of Westminster Pump Stations
Improvements Project

Contract amounts from $1,500,001 to $5,000,000     

Olsson Industrial Electric
The Dallas Dam Navlock Project

Green Construction

Energy Efficient Retrofit

Central Electric
O'Conner High School Lighting Upgrades  
 Central Electric_preview.jpeg
Service Contractor 


1 to 15 service employees
Metro Electric, McAllen, TX

16 to 50 service employees
Hill Electric, San Antonio, TX

More Than 50 service employees
Milestone Electric, Garland, TX