AOY Competitors 2022

The IEC National Apprentice of the Year (AOY) Competition features the top graduates from IEC apprenticeship programs across the country in head-to-head competition for prizes and recognition as the IEC National Apprentice of the Year.

The competition is held during the annual IEC SPARK: Power Tomorrow in cities across the nation. Held in the Expo Hall, the competition is witnessed by thousands of Convention attendees there to cheer on the next generation of electrical professionals.

AOY competitors are listed alphabetically by chapter! 

Watch the Livestream of AOY Thursday, October 6, and Friday, October 8! 

Christopher Donegan 

Chapter: IEC Atlanta

Contractor: Pat Murphy Electric, Inc. 

Christian Nielsen

Chapter: IEC Arizona

Contractor: Rural Electric, Inc. 

Tiler Cross

Chapter: IEC Bluegrass

Contractor: Davis H. Elliot 

Cole Karhoff

Chapter: IEC Central Ohio 

Contractor: Roehrenbeck Electric 

Ty Gutierrez

Chapter: IEC CenTex

Contractor: FSG Electric 

Franklin Rivas Argueta 

Chapter: IEC Chesapeake

Contractor: FB Harding 

James Hammond

Chapter: IEC Greater Cincinnati

Contractor: Craftsman Electric 

Benjamin Colson

Chapter: IEC Dakotas

Contractor: Bergstrom Electric 

Jeremy Vargas

Chapter: IEC Dallas

Contractor: Intex Electrical Contractors 

David A. Villarreal 

Chapter: IEC El Paso 

Contractor: Amp Pro Electric 

Timothy Turner

Chapter: IEC Florida West Coast 

Contractor: APG Electric 

Jared Bourbeau

Chapter: IEC Fort Worth

Contractor: Cummings Electric, Inc. 

Ethan Falks

Chapter: IEC Indy 

Contractor: Ridgeline Electrical Industries 

Sam Spicer

Chapter: IEC Kentucky Southern Indiana

Contractor: MD Electric 

Logan Todd

Chapter: Montana IEC 

Contractor: Rocky Mountain Electric, Inc. 

Jamie Harris

Chapter: IEC Northern New Mexico

Contractor: Bixby Electric, Inc. 

Douglas Jensen

Chapter: Southern New Mexico IEC 

Contractor: Zuni Electric 

Sarah Kincheloe 

Chapter: IEC OKC 

Contractor: Delco Electric, Inc. 

Jonathan Strubhar 

Chapter: IEC Oregon

Contractor: Creation Electric, Inc. 

Matthew Dows

Chapter: IEC Pennsylvania

Contractor: ASCOM Inc. 

Christian Veeder

Chapter: IEC Rocky Mountain

Contractor: APCO Electric 

Brandon Andrade 

Chapter: IEC San Antonio

Contractor: JMEG Electrical Contractors 

Alex Brooking

Chapter: Southern Colorado IEC 

Contractor: Allegion

Joe Mendenhall 

Chapter: IEC Greater St. Louis

Contractor: Streib Electric 

Phoung Nguyen

Chapter: IEC Texas Gulf Coast

Contractor: Prism Electric 

Benjamin Karson

Chapter: IEC Texas Panhandle

Contractor: B&G Electric 

Austin Meldrum

Chapter: IEC Utah

Contractor: Arco Electric 

Rodolfo Reyes

Chapter: Western Colorado IEC 

Contractor: Astra Electrical Technologies (AET)