Workplace Safety

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are quick and easy trainings to comply with OSHA's safety requirements. They cover a wide range of topics including workplace electrical safety and lifting basics. They also give a solid foundation for each topic and include space to record the date of the talk, list of attendees, items discussed and problem areas or concerns.

Toolbox Talks III is now available. Download here.

Download Toolbox Talks below.


Goggles and Gloves
Keeping Your Seat Belts Safe
Material Handling
Workplace Electrical Safety
Winter Driving


Vehicle Maintenance
Plywood Covers on Floor Openings
Proper Repair of Electrical Cords
Lifting Basics


Law and Conditions Dictate Top Speed
Scaffold Safety
Electrical Hazards - High Voltage Electrical Burns
How Much Do You Know About Back Safety?


Backing Problems
Hazards Communication
Contractors Jobsite Checklist
Electrical Safety Portable Lights


Put Safety First When Using a Ladder

Getting Material Off the Floor
How Much Do You Know About Back Safety?
Driver Distractions


Truck Backing Basics
Contractor Work Zone Audit
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Hazards Communication


Temporary Traffic Control Safety
Power Actuated Tools
Heat  Stress Prevention
Housekeeping on the Job


Parking Lot Hazards
Forklift Operations
Cellular Phones
Job Site Foreman
Precautions to be Observed During Electrical Testing


Lead in Construction
Defensive Driving
Basic First Aid
Preventing Slips and Trips


Backing Techniques
Hazard Alert - Asbestos in Construction
Job Safety Analysis
Lockout/Tagout Training (Short Version)
Stairways and Ladders


Portable Ladder Safety 
Substance Abuse: An Employer's Guide 
Electrical Safety 
The Ten Commandments of Good Safety Habits 


The Right of Way 
GFCIs at Work and at Home 
Working in Confined Spaces 
Power Tool Safety Tips