2012 Political Action Kit

The 2012 Presidential and Congressional Elections are one of the most pivotal in recent history.

Nationwide unemployment is at 8.3 percent, consumer and builder confidence is struggling, our national debt threatens our economic strength, and a bevy of regulations and laws will make it harder for business and companies to grow.

Here are a few tools to help you encourage others to vote, support candidates, and see how Members of Congress voted on issues that directly affect the merit shop electrical industry. 

112th Congress Scorecard

This brochure breaks down Congressional legislation that was pertinent to the IEC membership. It shows how every Congressman and woman voted on bills that were key to IEC and the merit shop philosophy. 

Click here to download the 112th Congressional Scorecard

Payroll Stuffers

The most important thing everyone of age American citizen can do is VOTE. To encourage your employees to vote, download payroll stuffers that you can print and include in their paychecks.

Download the payroll stuffers here 


PRIDE PAC is the federal political action committee set up by the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. PRIDE PAC is funded entirely through personal donations from IEC members. These contributions are grouped together for greater impact and given to Members of Congress, Congressional candidates and federal leadership PACs to support the electrical and systems industries and the merit shop philosophy upon which IEC was founded. 

Sign a PRIDE Political Action Committee (PAC) Authorization Form allowing us to contact you regarding financial contributions.

The IEC Political Education Fund (PEF) is a key component of our advocacy efforts promoting the interests of independent electrical contractors in Washington and across the nation. The PEF can accept both personal and corporate contributions from IEC members.

Contribute to the PEF by completing this form.

Please return all forms or send any requests to IEC’s Executive Vice President/CEO Thayer Long (tlong@ieci.org) or Vice President of Public Affairs Joseph Cephas (jcephas@ieci.org). If you have any questions, please contact the National Office at (703) 549-7351.