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Level I: Initial Phase

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IEC has developed Level I of an online instructor training and certification program tailored to enhance the knowledge of instructors at IEC chapters throughout the U.S. This program addresses a new rule from the U.S. Department of Labor which requires instructors to be trained.

This new Instructor Training and Certification Program is a media-rich experience that teaches IEC’s philosophy, apprenticeship, IEC curriculum resources, and instructional methods through video and interactive activities. Navigation is simple with an intuitive graphic interface to the five units and easily accessible targeted modules covering several topics.

The features IEC instructors and chapter staffs throughout the course illustrating proper teaching of the IEC curriculum.

The completion of this online course will reinforce core IEC knowledge and instructional procedures and will also provide experience in the features and capabilities of online course delivery.

The instructor must have a year of teaching after completing Legel 1 before moving on to the Level 2 course.

The new IEC Instructor Training and Certification Program is an exciting initiative, and represents a continuing commitment to providing the highest quality training for all IEC apprentices. This is the first of a three level course.

See the details of the program phases here!

See the details of the implementation steps here!

*Price includes access to five module course for up to 1-year after enrollment and a copy of Hints for Highly Effective Instructors.

**The application must be completed and signed by the Chapter's Executive Director or Training Director prior to registering.

For more information, please contact Lysa Egly, IEC National Director of Education at (703) 549-7351.

"This training made me realize that I am not the only instructor that encounters difficulties in the classroom. It has given me more confidence with making decisions and instructing students with different levels of ability."
-- Paul Miller, Instructor, IEC Rocky Mountain