Industry Outreach

Building the Workforce

DSCN0902.jpgIEC strongly believes in building a strong workforce that can adapt to changing economic times and bolster the electrical contracting industry. In this aim, IEC reaches out to various audiences to create relationships and provide education about the electrical industry.

Veteran Outreach

Veterans are ideal apprentice candidates. Their hard-working mentality coupled with motivation and experience add up to an excellent addition to the industry and electrical companies. To find out more about how IEC can support veterans in transitioning into the industry, click here.

Youth Outreach

The youth of today is the livelihood of tomorrow’s electrical industry. It is imperative that younger generations not only take an interest in sciences but also realize all the benefits of a trade. In an effort to keep youth engaged in these subjects, IEC is actively involved in two youth programs: 4-H and SkillsUSA.

Many chapters also have their own youth development organizations in which they volunteer. IEC of Greater Cincinnati is involved with Rosie’s Girls, a program that educates young women on different trades such as plumbing, welding, and electrical work.

Whether you provide training, resources, volunteer hours, or just mentoring, your efforts make a big difference in shaping the future of the electrical industry.