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Call for Presentations


IEC Convention & Expo 2018
Call for Presentations
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 28, 2018

 click hereto submit a presentation proposal. Contractor members who submit a completed proposal will receive a  $50 Home Depot gift card (limit 1).


IEC National is a nonprofit trade association federation with 50 educational campuses and affiliate IEC local chapters across the country. IEC represents over 3,300 member businesses throughout the United States and educates over 10,000 electricians and systems professionals each year through world-class training programs. IEC contractor member companies are responsible for over $8.5B in gross revenue annually and are composed of some of the premier firms in the industry. 


The IEC Convention and Expo is IEC’s annual convention and tradeshow. It is the one source for connecting and advancing all aspects of the nation’s electrical and systems contracting communities: manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and end users. IEC Convention and Expo is the nation’s go-to event for products, solutions, networking, and advanced industry thinking for all electrical and systems segments.


Leading industry professionals from all 50-states, including business owners, senior employees, and other key professionals in small, medium, and large electrical and systems contracting businesses.


You are a passionate professional helping others be more successful in the electrical and systems contracting industry. You have innovative, game-changing solutions and messages that you want to share with others. You are an exciting, dynamic speaker committed to delivering a program to some of the top leaders in the national contracting scene.


Here is a list of popular issues that our membership has expressed interest in. If your expertise is outside of what is listed below, we welcome your submission!

Hot areas for electricians in 2018:

  1. Debunking 6 AFCI myths
  2. 5 Inventive Tools That Make an Electrician's Life Easier
  3. Ohm's Law vs. Failures and Shocks
  4. Making Sense of Neutral, Ground, and Grounded
  5. Training and Retaining Talent
  6. How to Start Each Work Day Faster and Smarter

Top IEC Convention and Expo 2018 Presentations

  1. How to Negotiate With Your GC
  2. Great Idea Swap for Electrical Contractors
  3. Innovative Strategy for Future-Focused Business
  4. Communication, Marketing, and Collaboration With Gen Y and Z
  5. The Price Is Right
  6. Red Flags of Problem Projects


Your proposed presentation(s) must be dynamic, engaging, insightful, and interactive. Be creative; use up-to-date case studies; and more importantly, be engaging with your audience.

Presentations should be 50 or 80 minutes in length.


Presentation proposals are due to IEC National by February 28, 2018. Speakers will be notified whether their submissions have been accepted by April 3, 2018.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Practical applicability and relevance to the IEC audience
  • Quality, innovation, and originality of the information and delivery
  • Organization and focus
  • Qualifications/reputation of speaker(s)
  • Creative use of multi-media or education tools

Speakers may not engage in sales activity, including direct or indirect solicitation of products or services. Please be mindful of appropriateness of language in your delivery.

If your presentation proposal is accepted, speakers are expected to sign a contract abiding to deliverable deadlines and presentation content.


Once your proposal is fully completed, please submit your presentation through our online submission form. If submitting multiple presentations, you are required to fill out a new form for each proposal. Each proposal must include:

  • Presentation Description – a paragraph describing your presentation
  • Learning Objectives – specific knowledge or skills that attendees will acquire from your presentation
  • Presentation Outline – exact issues to be covered
  • Speaker(s) Profile – what qualifies you to speak on this subject
  • Headshot – the headshot will only be used in promotional material if the proposal is selected and will not be used in the selection process

click here to submit a presentation proposal.


PLEASE NOTE:  Upon acceptance, IEC may modify the presentation title and description to fit format guidelines for marketing materials.

Questions? Contact Lysa Egly at (703) 650-0056 or For more information about IEC National and our national chapter network, please visit

Thank you for your interest in helping us lead the electrical and systems contracting industries to a brighter and more prosperous future!