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2018 IEC National Committee Descriptions

Participating on a committee is an excellent means of networking with other IEC members, while making a difference in your association and industry.

Most national committees will meet three times in person (Business Summit 2018, January 23-24, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada; Policy Conference 2018, April 9-10, 2018, Washington, DC; IEC Convention & Expo, September 19-22, 2018, Indianapolis, IN) and conduct other business via conference calls. Participation requirements vary by committee.

Employees of member companies in good standing and chapter staff are eligible to serve on committees. 

Please note: Committee structures may periodically change. You will be notified of any changes that may affect you. In addition, multiple committees may hold meetings simultaneously or may overlap with other activities.

For more information, please contact the IEC National Office at (703) 549-7351.

Committee Descriptions

Apprenticeship & Training Committee        

This committee is a policy committee that maintains IEC’s National Standards of Apprenticeship, the apprentice training curriculum, and technical training for other field workers in accordance with its own committee bylaws. This committee also contributes to outreach with potential apprentices. The A&T Committee may include one or more subcommittees. Familiarity with IEC’s apprentice training programs is preferred. 

Codes & Standards Committee      

This is an advisory committee that monitors IEC’s participation in various industry codes and standards panels, reviews and recommends changes in codes and standards documents, and communicates them to IEC members. Familiarity with industry codes and standards is preferred.

Government Affairs Committee     

This is an advisory committee that sets IEC’s national legislative agenda, monitors progress in achieving IEC’s legislative and regulatory objectives, communicates related news to IEC chapters and members, raises awareness of the electrical industry among elected officials and regulatory agencies, and assists chapters and regions in developing state and local programs. Knowledge of local, state, and/or national legislative issues is preferred.

Industry Partnering Committee                  

This is an advisory committee that recommends programs important to Industry Partners. This committee fosters collaboration between IEC Industry Partners and chapters.

Industry Recognition Committee                

This committee is an advisory committee that guides IEC's efforts to raise awareness of the accomplishments of IEC and its members and to boost awareness of the electrical industry. The committee will identify areas for garnering publicity including overseeing the IEC National Annual Awards.

Membership Committee                  

The Membership Committee maintains and oversees IEC’s membership policies, procedures, and membership development; monitors the new chapter formation process, requests for chapter jurisdiction changes, and chapter marketing plans; provides oversight for the chapter assessment process; and develops member growth programs.

PAC/PEF Committee                  

The PAC/PEF Committee is an advisory committee that directs fundraising and program development for IEC’s Political Action Committee (PAC) and Political Education Fund (PEF). It determines recipients of campaign contributions and develops informational campaigns relating to public policy issues.

Professional Development Committee                      

This is an advisory committee that directs IEC’s management and continuing education programs including the educational sessions at national conferences and conventions, online training courses, and other programs that assist IEC chapters in providing management and continuing education to their members. 

Safety Committee                                        

The Safety Committee is an advisory committee that develops and maintains IEC’s safety information and education programs, including the SPARK program, and provides liaison support with OSHA and other safety-related organizations.