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2017 IEC Apprentice Short Story Contest Winners


IEC prides itself on the IEC Apprentice Training Program and the quality of men and women who go through it. Each year, apprentices graduate and continue to excel in their careers. IEC enjoys commemorating the great accomplishments of its graduating apprentices, and honors their stories of why they chose IEC and a career in the electrical industry. Their stories are inspiring and provide valuable insight into the workforce development of the electrical industry.

Annually, fourth year IEC apprentices are encouraged to submit a short story describing how or why they enrolled into the IEC Apprentice Training Program, or why they decided to pursue a career as an electrician. These essays are judged by various IEC members and industry partners on four criteria: originality, sincerity, creativity, and conventions of print. Winners receive a monetary prize and are featured, along with their essay, in the July issue of Insights.

Please join us in congratulating our four exceptional winners of the 2017 IEC Apprentice Short Story Contest. Click on their names to view each winner's respective essay:

First Place: Levi Smith, Electric Solution, Inc., IEC Central Ohio, AEC-IEC
Second Place: Tom Kocon, ANJ Electric LLC, IEC Northern OH, NOECA
Third Place: Elizabeth Wilcocks, Bowne Electric, Inc., CenTex IEC
Fourth Place: Justin Roark, Area Energy & Electric, IEC Central Ohio, AEC-IEC